Covid Winter Support Scheme

3rd December 2020

Norfolk County Council, alongside local councils across Norfolk, is aiming to support as many residents as possible this winter to access financial and other support if they are facing hardship.

We know for many people this winter will be challenging for a variety of reasons, and there will be a lot of people who will need help with things like paying the bills and buying food, and many people who have never needed help before.

To make sure people can access help and support where they need it this winter, we have implemented the Norfolk Winter Support Offer and we need your help to make sure we reach as many people as possible.

Where you work with a family or resident in Norfolk, who is currently suffering from hardship and unsure how to pay their bills, keep warm and buy food, we are asking that you help them apply to the support offer. You can do this with them online at using a simple form.

Help is also available to those suffering hardship because they are having to self-isolate or support their child or vulnerable family members to self-isolate.

To help you understand the support that is available, here is a quick summary.

Please display this poster to advertise this scheme in your organisation.

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