Launch of Modern Slavery campaigns

18th April 2017

The beginning of April saw the launch of a new community-led pilot which aims to protect young people affected by Modern Slavery, specifically Domestic Slavery. The Home Office are already working in partnership with Afruca and the Salvation Army and are keen to help spread the word and stop Modern Slavery in the UK.

In the UK the scale of hidden crimes like Modern Slavery is significant and the impact on the lives of the victims is considerable. Domestic Slavery in particular happens behind closed doors and isn’t an issue that is frequently spoken about even within the communities most affected and we need your help to change this.

The pilot activity features two strands of content. The first, ‘Have you Heard?’, aims to reach out to victims and communities and encourage them to come forward and report cases of Domestic Slavery and the second,
‘Spot the Signs’ will educate public services and communities on how to recognise if someone is living in Domestic Slavery and the important role they can play in tackling the problem.

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