National Sibling Sexual Abuse Project’s Reports Published

23rd June 2022

Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support have published three reports which they hope will continue to assist and support you in providing the best possible support for those affected by SSA, the form of child sexual abuse considered to be most common within the family setting in the UK.

SARSAS Freedom of Information Report – Establishing the prevalence of sibling sexual abuse as reported to and recorded by police forces across England and Wales.

SARSAS Sibling Sexual Abuse Policy Report – Acknowledge, address and adapt – Closing the gap between sibling sexual abuse as the most common form of child sexual abuse in our homes and the most ignored form of child sexual abuse in the UK.

SARSAS Sibling Sexual Abuse Professional Survey Report – Awareness and understanding of sibling sexual abuse amongst professionals in frontline sectors in England and Wales.

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