One More Minute

31st October 2017

Child Bereavement UK have launched an exciting new awareness and fundraising campaign.

The campaign, called One More Minute, consists of a series of short films designed to highlight the need for support and to encourage people to start conversations about bereavement.

Contributors include children, young people and families supported by Child Bereavement UK, and bereaved celebrity friends of the charity, including our Patrons Mary Berry and Jason Watkins, and Rio Ferdinand, who visited Child Bereavement UK as part of his BBC documentary Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad. Our Royal Patron, The Duke of Cambridge, provides a final message in the film.

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Child Bereavement UK are very fortunate to have had the goodwill of so many people in the making of these films, from the TV broadcasters donating air space, to Faithless for allowing us to use their soundtrack for the TV ads, and various organisations who donated their talent and time, including professional guidance, free advertising and studio space for filming.

Child Bereavement UK are indebted to the bereaved families who shared their experiences with openness and generosity and whose participation in this campaign will enable many more families to find the support they need to begin to rebuild their lives.

Click here to see celebrities sharing their One More Minute.

Their Chief Executive, Ann Chalmers, says:

“The idea behind the One More Minute campaign taps into a human truth that will help people to understand the impact of bereavement. The film touches on the longing that many bereaved families tell us they have, to be able to have more time with the person who has died.

Child Bereavement UK deals with a subject that many people find too unbearable to contemplate, the untimely deaths of parents and children, but every year, child bereavement is experienced by thousands of families in the UK. We are very fortunate to have been given this opportunity to raise awareness and reach more of the UK population in a way that we could not otherwise have achieved as a charity.”

“The physical and emotional trauma of losing your child is overwhelming, but Child Bereavement UK provides a touchstone that you can access, giving you practical tools to help you carry your loss with you as you move forward.”

Our Patron, Jason Watkins, star of W1A and Safe House, whose 2-and-a half-year-old daughter, Maude, died in 2011

“Child Bereavement UK has done so much for me and helped my life so vastly. They have helped me to come out of the toughest experience I have ever had and hopefully ever will have.”

Rebecca, 17, attended Child Bereavement UK’s Young People’s Advisory Group with her sister after the death of their mother

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