Opportunity for Young Carers only from Norwich City Community Sports Foundation

30th July 2020

Thanks to our partners at Norwich City Community Sports Foundation, Carers Matter are delighted to offer you an opportunity which may be of interest to some of your young carers (particularly if they are into football!)

The charity has kindly developed an online portal of football based activities that young people can do over the summer holidays – at home or down the park, and even better, they will be providing young people with a Norwich City football to do them with!

Young carers have been identified as one of the priority groups to benefit from this opportunity first as we know how many of them have missed out on exercise and not been able to get out of the house during lockdown.

All young carers/parents have to do is compete a really quick and simple form, and Norwich City CSF will post the ball out to them directly along with the login details for the activities and challenges. The ball will come with a valve so that the ball can pump it up with any standard pump (Royal Mail doesn’t allow pumped up footballs to be sent through the post). If a young carer would like a link to the form, they can e-mail nycf@caringtogether.org or maria.plumb@carersmatternorfolk.org

This offer is strictly for specific groups of young people (of which young carers are one along with children in care and those involved with 26 week placements) as we look to ensure the limited amount of resources are provided to those who would benefit at this time.

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