Revised Neglect Strategy 2017

1st June 2017

The NSCB Multi-agency Neglect Strategy has recently been revised and updated. Click here to view the latest version.

The overarching aim of the strategy remains the same:

In Norfolk we aim to ensure that there is early recognition of neglect. We will work with families in a positive and empowering way, keeping a clear focus on the impact of neglect on the child. From early support to statutory intervention, there will be appropriate, consistent and timely responses across all agencies working together. The strategy should inspire all those working with children and their families to achieve this: thereby contributing to improved long-term outcomes for children.

Key changes and updates are as follows:
• Section 1: updated child protection plan figures for Norfolk, demonstrating a significant improvement in terms of the variance from the national figure
• Section 1: more recent comments from the Ofsted inspection of Children’s Services in 2015, noting early signs of improvements in the approach to Neglect
• Section 2: includes specific reference to the range of resources and publications about Neglect that are available here on the NSCB website
• Section 5: the top principle makes clear that ‘tackling neglect is everyone’s responsibility’
• Section 6: the core objectives of the strategy have been clarified
• Section 8: this section has been substantially amended, particularly in relation to the Graded Care Profile (GCP) and expectations around its use; it clarifies that any professional working in a team around a child can complete the GCP and it should not be seen as a tool solely used by health and social care professionals
• Sections 11 and 12: have been updated to clarify governance, monitoring and evaluation arrangements.

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